The Spoonbill Generator

Beaming Constipation

You can choose to conform, you can choose to rebel [Roland]

.noilleber esoohc I [Karin]

You can choose to stay warm, if your nose doesn't smell [Roland]

The best advice I've heard [F]

You can opt out of blood bank, or opt out of gym [Dassn't Say]

That would make you a nerd [Anon.]

You don't have to vote and you don't have to slim [dok]

But please flush that turd [Dassn't Say]

You can choose fine granola, or lumpy yogurt [K8]

By neither am I lured [F]

You can punch your pinata and pack up your yurt [K8]

But don't forget your bird [Anon.]

Contributors: Roland, Karin, F, Dassn't Say, dok, K8, .
Poem finished: 21st September 2003.