The Spoonbill Generator

Toes of Paraffin

Camille, thou most elegant doorstop [Ethetran]

Although thou mayst not read my plea [Roland]

Thy celestial (er, "heavenly") beauty compels me to record it [Anon.]

But first I have to go pee [F]

Ah, yes much better. To resume - oft have I dreamed of thy doorstop-shaped feet [Karin]

And thine equally well-sharpened shoes [Ethetran]

square toes? 'Tis the sign of a witch [e]

Possessing, as they do, foul hammertoes [Dassn't Say]

And bunions. But not you, Camille! [please end me]

Contributors: Ethetran, Roland, Kansas Sam, F, Karin, e, Dassn't Say, please end me.
Poem finished: 21st September 2003.