The Spoonbill Generator

Pirate Rhymes

There once was a pirate, Blackbeard [F]

'Twas more grey than black, now that's weird [smrtypnts]

He liked to swill grog [Anon.]

Lived high on the hog [smrtypnts]

Then walked the gangplank, as he'd feared [F]

There once was a pirate, Jolly Roger [smrtypnts]

Who was an old stinky codger [F]

He drank like a fish [Kansas Sam]

And liked to say, "Pish!" [F]

And went for cheap rhymes like this "dodger" [Kansas Sam]

We are a seagoing fun crew [F]

What else could we possibly do [smrtypnts]

Except repeat yarr [F]

Like an ol' fashioned tar [N]

And invite you to join us im-oo [Anon.]

We like our weekends for relaxing [N]

Anything else is too taxing [F]

So run down the flag [Ethetran]

And open a mag [Kansas Sam]

And try to go easy on faxing [F]

Contributors: F, smrtypnts, Kansas Sam, N, join us on im, Ethetran.
Poem finished: 20th September 2003.