The Spoonbill Generator

Bubblegum and Scrabble

Lollipops and bubblegum, jujubes and dots [F]

Licorice and gummy bears, jelly beans and tarts [smrtypnts]

My friends and I miss them down here in our plots [Kansas Sam]

Loafers and oxfords, wellingtons and spats [F]

Flipflops and slingbacks, stilettos and clogs [smrtypnts]

My friends and I lose them to damnable rats [Kansas Sam]

Bouffants and crewcuts, pompadours and shags [F]

Beehives and combo'ers, curlicues and dreads [smrtypnts]

My friends and I no longer brush out the snags [Kansas Sam]

Monopoly and Scrabble, checkers and chess [F]

Battleship and Yatzhee, backgammon and spades [smrtypnts]

They won't help dead friends convalesce [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: F, smrtypnts, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 20th September 2003.