The Spoonbill Generator

Drooling Without Dementia

An empty page is so hard to resist [Beefy]

So virginal, it makes me drool [F]

To expose my thoughts for the world to see [smrtypnts]

And confirm that I'm a fool [Karin]

To lose my inhibitions, if you insist [Anon.]

I let my mind and my words roam free [dok]

The emptiness is snatched away [N]

So suddenly, it mades me weep [F]

To think of all that now is lost [N]

Just makes me fall asleep [F]

I'll dream then of another day [N]

And calculate the massive cost [F]

I have emptied out my soul to you [N]

And yet you turn away and smirk [F]

To add to my confused and addled state [Beefy]

I've read James Joyce's work [Kansas Sam]

Which gives no motive to pursue [Beefy]

Yet half-wit scholars claim it's great [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: Beefy, F, smrtypnts, Karin, dok, N, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 20th September 2003.