The Spoonbill Generator

The Walks of Soul Sisters

I have seen this place before [N]

In dantesque imaginings [F]

It has not a ceiling, nor a floor [baoloa]

And reeks of hellish burgeonings [F]

The walls are deeply cracked [baoloa]

The doors are locked and windows sealed [Anon.]

Here my mind is burnt and wracked [baoloa]

Never to be healed [N]

The light switch doesn't work [Ethetran]

So shrouded here in gloom [N]

With dowdy arthropods I lurk [Ethetran]

Inside this lonesome room [N]

Oh, how I wish that I could wake [Ethetran]

And cease my fitful slumbering [Anon.]

Or even lucidly partake [F]

In sequential numbering [fester]

Contributors: N, F, baoloa, Ethetran, fester.
Poem finished: 19th September 2003.