The Spoonbill Generator

Weary With Strangely Sprung Happiness

We tried our darnedests to succeed [N]

But failed, as always--such is life [Anon.]

We should have known envy and greed [wilh]

Would no doubt run rampant and rife [N]

We tried our damnedest to elude [F]

The cheats, the clowns, the phonies; [wilh]

But in the end we all got screwed [N]

And by our closest cronies [F]

We tried our hardest to aspire [N]

But failed, as always--such is sloth [F]

Our will has sunken in the mire [Ethetran]

And no doubt drawn a godly wrath [N]

We tried our utmost to expunge [Ethetran]

The rot, the filth, the madness; [N]

And yet we find that, like a sponge, [Ethetran]

We soak up only sadness [snood]

Contributors: N, F, wilh, Ethetran, snood.
Poem finished: 19th September 2003.