The Spoonbill Generator

Sound-Effects for Hitchcock's Railway

These neatherds know a trick or two [Roland]

They'll show you for a groat [TG]

Yet when I tried to pay by cheque [Roland]

They staked me to a goat [TG]

They staked me to a nanny, yes [Roland]

And took away my keys [TG]

And tied a broken billy-can [Roland]

Despite my bleated pleas [TG]

About my nether anklets dim [Roland]

To keep me in my place [TG]

And fastened forty Seraphim [Roland]

(Who took up little space) [TG]

Athwart my aching kneecaps [Roland]

The better to admire [TG]

My calves, if not my heifers [Roland]

I didn't half perspire! [TG]

These neatherds know their way around [Roland]

I think I'd better go to ground [TG]

Contributors: Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 18th September 2003.