The Spoonbill Generator

Semi Frenzy

The smell of camphor; dust motes in the sun; [quagga]

And semicolons everywhere you look; [F;-)]

Red salmon breezing up the down escalator; [Anon.]

Instead of swimming in a bubbling brook; [F]

Detergent's scent; wind-blow'n bubbles burst; [Fatty]

And apostrophe's that we don't really need; [Ethetran]

A chicken sitting on a telephone wire; [ellie]

Instead of pecking round for chicken-feed; [Ethetran]

Why semicolon, why not supercomma?; [Beefy]

A quite reasonable question to ask; [fester]

A full stop levitates above his cousin; [Ethetran]

Punctilious about punctuation; [Beefy]

Contributors: quagga, F;-), Anon., F, Fatty, Ethetran, ellie, Beefy, fester.
Poem finished: 18th September 2003.