The Spoonbill Generator

To Brother Domino

The money ran out, and I had to leave [dok]

Two mildewed macaws to my nieces [Roland]

It seemed that I had failed to achieve [N]

The rebirth of most of their pieces [Kansas Sam]

Time has run out, and I hate to stay [F]

Here, leeching on your kindness [N]

Eating up your groceries every day [F]

My debt ever grows in behindness [Kansas Sam]

The booze is gone, now I really must go [F]

(And by "go", you know what I mean) [Kansas Sam]

Yet I lie about, so then, ergo-- [F]

The smell tells the tale, sight unseen [Kansas Sam]


But bad pennies like me are near-sure to come back [Kansas Sam]

You can bet the rent money on that [F]

But the odds are so slack, and this place such a shack [Kansas Sam]

That I bow out--so, here you go--splat! [F]

Contributors: dok, Roland, N, Kansas Sam, F, Anon..
Poem finished: 18th September 2003.