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About A Hedgehog

The problem with speaking in verse [Ethetran]

Is that rhymes get progressively worse [fester]

And making things scan [Ethetran]

Can dissemble a plan [ellie]

So forget about keeping pace and just cut to the chase [michael lagueux]

so write a line and state your case [Melissa Guerrera]

The Bard was skilled at crafting verse [Jim Jolly]

She pulled the pen and paper out of her purse [D. Yakabowskas]

as the siren sings her song, the minstrel gathers for it will not be to long [michael tullock]


Contributors: Ethetran, fester, ellie, michael lagueux, Melissa Guerrera, Jim Jolly, D. Yakabowskas, michael tullock, Anon..
Poem finished: 18th September 2003.