The Spoonbill Generator

Genesis is the Only Truth

O Universe, O sparkling void, teach me of thy ways [N]

But quick! It can't be long before my tired corpse decays [Kansas Sam]

Fill me with the knowledge, the mystery, the awe [N]

At times I feel the threat of society [Anon.]

Through the Monkey's Paw [Kansas Sam]

And if I see all history stretched before me [Michael DeSousa]

Like the parchment skin of a tribal drum [Anon.]

I'd hope it would know how to keep rhythm... [Anon.]

And so in keeping with the flow it continues with the show [michael lagueux]

Keeping up the pace and let it flow [Melissa G]

Today at a funeral full of grief and tear, I also saw much love and cheer [Jim Jolly]

People sang, and laughed, then cried in fear [D. Yakabowskas]

For wake up my cronies, don't dismay it will claim us all for its the way [michael tullock]


Contributors: N, Kansas Sam, Anon., Michael DeSousa, michael lagueux, Melissa G, Jim Jolly, D. Yakabowskas, michael tullock.
Poem finished: 18th September 2003.