The Spoonbill Generator

Cold Boff in Freedom

However shall the cold night envade, [Michael DeSousa]

The invidious reliquaries shall pervade. [quagga]

As we huddle round the fire enside [Ethetran]

We think of way to keep'm isolated [Anon.]

How long to keep'm has not been rated [Melissa G]

unable to evade the cold chill of the desolated [michael lagueux]

The night will only keep you tight [elizabeth wilkinson]

Lest you should untimely die of fright [Jim Jolly]

for in the darkness i find light, to bend goods will, cower before my might [michael tullock]

Contributors: Michael DeSousa, quagga, Ethetran, Anon., Melissa G, michael lagueux, elizabeth wilkinson, Jim Jolly, michael tullock.
Poem finished: 17th September 2003.