The Spoonbill Generator

Anarchy Pastilles

When Spoonbill went on the blink [Karin]

We had a few days to reflect [Roland]

On the value of poetic license [Karin]

We traded our Dresdens for Meissens [Roland]

And no-one did ever detect [N]

How close we were to the brink [F]

Our need of an Internet shrink [Kansas Sam]

Is a subject of frequent neglect [N]

We do have a certain wry sense [F]

To not waste our pounds to buy pence [N]

Our finances presently wrecked [F]

The ship of our fortunes shall sink [Kansas Sam]

Our status is worse than you think [N]

Worse than our readers expect [Anon.]

In fact it's growing ever more tense [Karin]

We're keeping them all in suspense [N]

Those of us of the elect [Grayman]

To mark out the pages with ink [N]

Contributors: Karin, Roland, N, F, Kansas Sam, Grayman.
Poem finished: 17th September 2003.