The Spoonbill Generator

Through the Days of Smouldering

I can barely remember the time
When poems had meter and rhyme [N]

When vases of flowers could last sev'ral hours [Roland]

And Spoonbill was truly sublime [Nym]

I can barely remember the tune
I whistled each night and each noon [Anon.]

It was sad, it was sweet, and I knew it complete [N (nod to B. Joel)]

And it never rhymed tune, noon, or June [Dassn't Say]

I can barely remember the toll
That the bell ringers took on my soul [Kansas Sam (2)]

My spirit was shattered, but not that it mattered [N]

And anyway, isn't it droll? [snood]

I can barely remember the crew [Beefy]

Of The spirit of Kalamazoo [snood]

A fine ship indeed, they smoked Luckies and weed [Dassn't Say]

Till no-one could tell who was who [Beefy]

I can barely remember my name [snood]

But I know that there's no-one to blame [Ethetran]

I just wish that I had one ganglion spry [Kansas Sam]

Would google search 'me' do the same? [snood]

I can barely remember to write [Beefy]

Nor follow the pattern, despite [loaf]

My efforts to play by the verse-rules today [Kansas Sam]

I'm sorry, it's too late at night. [dok]

Contributors: N, Roland, Nym, Kansas Sam (2), N (nod to B. Joel), Dassn't Say, snood, Beefy, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, loaf, dok.
Poem finished: 16th September 2003.