The Spoonbill Generator

The Moon So Subtly Flying

Once I flew to the moon, my wings dripped gold and blue [Katie]

I dipped under its surface, and met a people new [Josh Hill]

They always spoke in the pluperfect tense, while their lips never moved [Randy]

I heard they grew asparagus, though that bit was unproved. [dok]

They made me welcome to their caves, and bade me sit awhile [Beefy]

I had sat there before they said, with an enigmatic smile [Grayman]

"Care to join us as we lunch? We've freshly boiled some soup." [Ethetran]

I noticed then they'd kept some kind of chickens in a coop [Beefy]

Lavender birds with yellow crests and a predatory air [Dassn't Say]

Flew so gently and quietly as if in prayer [beth]

Once I too flew to the sun,my wings turned bright ,glowing with heat. [Paul Maurice]

Intense brightness, their gaze I could not meet. [Marsha Kendall]

They spoke in many varied tongues, and every word a song [Beefy]

I heard they raised longhorn steer, but I may have been wrong. [smrtypnts]

Giving me a flameproof suit, they welcomed me inside [dok]

Their skulls, translucent in the light, showed brains they could not hide [Randy]

"Care to join us as we soar? We've cleared a perfect sky" [Beefy]

No way Jose, I said, bashed their glassy skulls in, and stole their quatloos [Dassn't Say]

Ince I stared too long at the stars... [Beefy]

Fini [Anon.]

Contributors: Katie, Josh Hill, Randy, dok, Beefy, Grayman, Ethetran, Dassn't Say, beth, Paul Maurice, Marsha Kendall, smrtypnts, Anon..
Poem finished: 16th September 2003.