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Ghosts for My Poster

Dorian hung on my parlour wall [dok]

Damian lounged in the cellar [Roland]

Dagwood papered my entryway hall [Kansas Sam]

With the ghost of Helen Keller [Dassn't Say]

My age there was suspended by a thread [Anon.]

I could not tell if I was quick or dead [Beefy]

Was I flouncy like Ginger or dapper like Fred? [Dassn't Say]

Would Marilyn blow me a kiss? [Beefy]

And like Cary and Clark, was there hair on my head? [Kansas Sam]

The young give nostalgia a miss [dok]

Contributors: dok, Roland, Kansas Sam, Dassn't Say, baoloa, Beefy, .
Poem finished: 14th September 2003.