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Spotted Crunch

I suggested a title word and the word was this [Anon.]

My Line of verse was "Add your own line to the poem" [smrtypnts]

Words are creations of a persons soul. [elizabeth wilkinson]

but like souls, words always change, take putting the hibbidy to the jibbidy [Josh hill]

Which leaves us still looking for a title [Beefy]

So I suggested another title word and the word was crunch [Dassn't Say]

How long will this eternal search take, [Beth]

Considerate Spoonbillers always suggest a title word! [smrtypnts]

Inconsiderate wordsmiths sometimes prefer title to verse [Beefy]

How can I add a line when there is no title word? [Patrick Burnell]


Contributors: Anon., smrtypnts, elizabeth wilkinson, Josh hill, Beefy, Dassn't Say, Beth, Patrick Burnell.
Poem finished: 11th September 2003.