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Package Surprise, Not Surprise Package

Oft had I heard of Lucy Gray [(trad)]

But never had believed [Beefy]

That she was truly male (just fey) [Anon.]

And now I'm much aggrieved [Dassn't Say]

To find there's truth in what they say [Beefy]

Yes, I'd seen a "package" there [Anon.]

A definite bump, a positive lump [Dassn't Say]

a line of crap that can be sent to the dump [Paul Maurice]

But, for now I will sit on my rump [Crystal D.]

and cry out of dismay [Josh Hill]

I must find another to pump. [Nosretep]

Contributors: (trad), Beefy, Kansas Sam, Dassn't Say, Paul Maurice, Crystal D., Josh Hill, Nosretep.
Poem finished: 11th September 2003.