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The Exorcism of All Limericks

There was an old hag from New York [F]

Who got an odd gift from the stork [Anon.]

It squalled and it peed [F]

And it grew like a weed [Kansas Sam]

And spoke like that alien, Mork [F]

First "Nanu", then "nanu" it said [Kansas Sam]

And then it would stand on its head [F]

But tricks weren't enough [Kansas Sam]

When it spoke off the cuff [Anon.]

And yelled out a "shazbot" from bed [Kansas Sam]

She decided Mork was possessed [F]

And called for a priest to divest [Kansas Sam]

Little Mork of his demon [Dassn't Say]

As well as his semen [(someone had to add it)]

Which hit the priest's face, as you guessed [Kansas Sam]

The priest's efforts were to no avail [F]

The "shazbots" flew out in a hail [Kansas Sam]

It was quite revolting [F]

(And somewhat insulting) [N]

The arms it proceeded to flail [F]

So Rosemary (for it was she) [Beefy]

Looked 'round all three-sixty degree [Kansas Sam]

Who's she gonna call? [Beefy]

A mean voodoo doll [F]

Or a master of Zen and Tai Chi? [Kansas Sam]

"Rosebuuddd..." to Orson she called [asdf]

Buy then Chucky, the demon doll mauled [F]

Or romance with Freddy [Dassn't Say]

The motel room was ready [Beefy]

Though Freddy's foul flesh had appalled [Dassn't Say]

Soon Damien appeared on the scene [Beefy]

With an omen of what "shazbot's" mean [Anon.]

To cut to the chase [Beefy]

Mork and her race [Kansas Sam]

Harbored a horrible gene [Dassn't Say]


Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, Dassn't Say, (someone had to add it), N, Beefy, asdf, Anon..
Poem finished: 10th September 2003.