The Spoonbill Generator

Let The Litmus Decide

It's time we rearranged the border [Roland]

I prefer it a little more jagged [F]

There's too much neatness and order [N]

It's time we realigned the planets [F]

I prefer them a little more linear [N]

Spinning in circles accomplishes nothing [asdf]

So please stop doing it [F]

And cease your huffing and puffing [N]

It's time we reimbursed our forbears [F]

Though they couldn't take it with them [Ethetran]

They might have left less mess [Beefy]

It's time we put the world to rights [Ethetran]

Lest we forget the lefts; Ah, the lefts [smrtypnts]

Spinning the story wearies the readers [Beefy]

Inevitably [Ethetran]

Contributors: Roland, F, N, asdf, Ethetran, Beefy, smrtypnts.
Poem finished: 9th September 2003.