The Spoonbill Generator

The Chrysostom Cathedral

Chrysostom ... wasn't he the saint [Roland]

Whose toe-jam is framed above? [Anon.]

And is that not the dandruff of the martyr, St. Bubba? [F]

I believe you're thinking of St. Gomer, the Unkempt [Karin]

Ah, yes. Within this sequined reliquary [F]

Are contained the holy offscourings of twelve pious men and women [Karin]

Who suffered everything from warts to scabies to mange [Dassn't Say]

As well as halitosis, crotch rot and roundworm [Karin]

Chrysostom ... wasn't he the saint [(trad)]

Who gave the pope his very first pointy hat? [Kansas Sam]

And is that not the mousetrap of the Blessed McDermott [loaf]

The patron saint of rumourmongers and cheap gin? [dok]

Ah, no. Despite your fulsome obloquy [Roland]

The toenail cuttings of McDermott the Legless [Grayman]

Who never shirked from prayer, fast or sin [Beefy]

Are immaculately preserved in the chalice [Kansas Sam]

Chrysostom ... wasn't he the saint [archaeopteryx]

Who drove an unarmoured VW Microbus? [Kansas Sam]

And is that not the lost tricep of Sister Penetralia [Roland]

The virgin martyr who was drowned in a vat of donkey piss? [F]

Ah, yes. Within this artful panoply [Kansas Sam]

Are things chthonic. Kiss the shriveled leather foot [F]

Of the Venerable Bob, the beloved of Abbot Tipplemuch [Dassn't Say]

And the most holy acolyte, Theodoric, who died on the gibbet [F]

Chrysostom ... no I don't think that was him [N]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, F, Karin, Dassn't Say, (trad), loaf, dok, Grayman, Beefy, archaeopteryx, N.
Poem finished: 9th September 2003.