The Spoonbill Generator

He Knew Lake Geneva

Taupe plateaus, a turquoise sky
The bleached bones of oxen [F]

And yet no velvet Elvis in this stack? [Kansas Sam]

Mauve gateaux, a crimson lake [loaf]

Blue bateaux, sun-spangled sails [Dassn't Say]

White oiseaux catching the light [dok]

His gullibility astounds [loaf]

Even those who knew him as an infant [N]

And he tells of musical tales [Anon.]

Beige battlements, greige mist [Beefy]

The hoofprints of horses [Kansas Sam]

Leave indentations on his soul [F]

Contributors: F, Kansas Sam, loaf, Dassn't Say, dok, N, baoloa, Beefy.
Poem finished: 9th September 2003.