The Spoonbill Generator

Revisionist Shenanigans

In my cardboard cardigan [(trad)]

Filled with silent tragedy [dok]

Like Elvira Madigan [snood]

Beats an incoherent heart [Dassn't Say]

Either systole pumps in vain [loaf]

The pumps I wear are shabby [F]

As in Singin' in the Rain [Beefy]

Ev'ry cowboy plays his part [dok]

Part of me appreciates [Beefy]

Parting's sweet sorrow [Kansas Sam]

Gone is Judy Garland [archaeopteryx]

And the rhyming scheme [snood]

Contributors: (trad), dok, snood, Dassn't Say, loaf, F, Beefy, Kansas Sam, archaeopteryx.
Poem finished: 9th September 2003.