The Spoonbill Generator

Insupportable Toothbrushes

The dream went to sleep, [anshul]

Slumbering in haiku form [dok]

Five, seven, five, zzzzzzzz [Kansas Sam]

When I go to sleep [Karin]

My syllable counting ends [Kansas Sam]

Or does it, my friend? [Karin]

Feather-stuffed pillows [dok]

Are best to smother a spouse [Karin]

Or so I have heard [N]

Toothbrushes--aha! [F]

They're not for Othello's kind [Roland]

Sweaty-toothed madman! [N]

Contributors: anshul, dok, Kansas Sam, Karin, N, F, Roland.
Poem finished: 8th September 2003.