The Spoonbill Generator

Googlewhacking Report

Tragically, we must report this sad fact: [N]

Googlewhacking has been proven to cause cancer of the thumb [Karin]

Despite that fact, we will continue to indulge, like smokers [F]

For though our days may be fewer, they shall surely be fuller [N]

Ironically, we must divulge this secret: [F]

Googlewhackers Anonymous has been proven to raise the EQ of players of The Game [K8]

Nonetheless, we don't associate with those yellow-bellied quitters [Ethetran]

For though our hearts may be colder, they shall surely beat faster [Beefy]

Suspiciously, we must persist this rumour: [Ethetran]

"Googlewhack", it has been claimed, is not a real word [Beefy]

Yet the sheer narcissism of Googlewhackers proves its lexicographic mettle [Kansas Sam]

Note the reames of Terms Interred [Anon.]

Joyfully, we must make this announcement: [Karin]

The two hundred thousandth whack barrier has been broken [archaeopteryx]

Even without Yeager "supersonically chucking" them out [Anon.]

When not findable, they are our producement [snood]

Contributors: N, Karin, F, K8, Ethetran, Beefy, Kansas Sam, archaeopteryx, snood.
Poem finished: 6th September 2003.