The Spoonbill Generator

Christmas Eggs (Sorry)

The lesser spotted Spoonbill [N]

Lurks in certain nooks and crannies [F]

By staying very very still [N]

And deriving a most nymous thrill [F]

You might just spot their fannies [Anon.]

The greater speckled Spoonbillette [K8]

Flaunts her stuff in open view [N]

And sometimes does a minuet [F]

Whilst cooking with a telfon skillet [N]

The often spotted Googler [F]

Whose habit is to preen [Anon.]

Is a quite good three ball joogler [Ethetran]

And feasts upon arug'la [Beefy]

Washed down with Mr Sheen [Ethetran]

The nearly spotless Googlette [Beefy]

When traipsing through the marsh [K8]

Tames her feathers with a blue barrette [Dassn't Say]

As shot by Yousuf Karsh [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: N, F, Anon., K8, Ethetran, Beefy, Dassn't Say, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 6th September 2003.