The Spoonbill Generator

Cruella Knew Every Hamster

I once knew a shipless Magellan [mel]

He got along passably well un- [Ethetran]

til clouds hid the Sun [Beefy]

And spoiled all his fun [smrtypnts]

So he had to make do with a melon [Ethetran]

I once met a hairless gorilla [mel]

That looked like Cruella Devilla [archaeopteryx]

She lived at the zoo [wha]

And knew what to do [mel]

When caged with her buddy Godzilla [Kansas Sam]

I live with a spoonbilling hamster [mel]

In a nice little condo in Amster-
dad, Happy together [N]

In all kinds of weather [F]

Do the cops even know I'm a lamster? [Anon.]

I really must launder my pants [F]

Or at least try to vakuum the ants [mel]

They really do itch [F]

And look rather kitsch [N]

I find myself wanting to dance [F]

I used to shack up with Columbus [mel]

But all he would eat was hummus [F]

With toes, not fingers [smrtypnts]

The memory still lingers [F]

Cuz his toes were encrusted with pus. [Karin]

Contributors: mel, Ethetran, Beefy, smrtypnts, archaeopteryx, wha, Kansas Sam, N, F, Anon., Karin.
Poem finished: 5th September 2003.