The Spoonbill Generator

The Circus Elephant Blues

My tutu's not starched and my toe shoes are scuffed [Anon.]

I can't find my tights and my collar's un-ruffed [Ethetran]

But life as an elephant isn't so bad [dok]

Dancing for peanuts, the best job I've had [Lee]

It certainly worked for my mum and my dad [Beefy]

Who quite often cried 'til they laughed [Grayman]

The clown doesn't like me, the juggler's upset [Ethetran]

If I don't dance sublimely they'll send for the vet. [dok]

But hey, at least I get free medical care [Ethetran]

And I've got a hot crush on a big dancing bear [Dassn't Say]

And those wonderful dreams where I fly through the air [Beefy]

Such a shame that my outfit looks daft [Ethetran]

I may well be blimpishly zeppelin-sized [mel]

(So trying to stop me would be ill-advised) [Ethetran]

But my jazz-handed jeté and pert pirouette [Beefy]

Will knock you right out of your socks, I would bet [wha]

And I leap round the ring like a bird on the wing [dok]

While songs from Aida I trunkishly sing [F]

Contributors: F, Ethetran, dok, Lee, Beefy, Grayman, Dassn't Say, mel, wha.
Poem finished: 5th September 2003.