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Putting the Carthorse Before Zen

At times the truth may not appear the best approach to take [Ethetran]

At times we hide our inner views for fear of causing strife [Beefy]

But those who cannot stand the truth, in truth, deserve no break [Kansas Sam]

Ask any man out there who's tried to keep things from his wife [Beefy]

At times she may appear too fat; in truth, though, she is thin [Kansas Sam]

At time's she'll be upset, although she'll tell you nothing's wrong [Beefy]

But soon you'll figure out you gaffed about her double chin [Kansas Sam]

Ask any man who's been deprived of nookie for too long [Beefy]

At times there seems a spending spree; in truth, she needs it all [Kansas Sam]

At times you'll wonder just how many rings a girl can own [Beefy]

But counting rings and fingers won't relieve your manly call [Kansas Sam]

Ask any man who's spent too many evenings all alone [dok]

At times reminders seem too much; in truth, you need each nag [Kansas Sam]

At times we all could bear to lose complete control [dok]

But un-done honey-do lists are not recipies for shag [Kansas Sam]

Poor little boy whose Christmas sock contains only coal [F]

Contributors: Ethetran, Beefy, Kansas Sam, dok, F.
Poem finished: 5th September 2003.