The Spoonbill Generator

Goose Nuts

Be like the squirrel [Wormy]

Gather nuts while nuts abound [Beefy]

Hide them here and there [Padfoot]

Be like the beaver [archaeopteryx]

Clean your teeth regularly [Ethetran]

Don't be a dam fool [Beefy]

Be like the elk [archaeopteryx]

Stand tall and proud [Kansas Sam]

Don't get shot down [Beefy]

Be like the bear [Kansas Sam]

Shit in the woods [Beefy]

Don't bother to wipe [Kansas Sam]

Be like the husky [Beefy]

Pull with every fiber [Kansas Sam]

Work with all your heart. [Karin]

Be like a wild goose [smrtypnts]

Remain unattainable [wha]

Poop on a golf course. [Karin]

Be like a milk cow [smrtypnts]

Get yanked first thing every day [asdf]

Chew your own vomit [Anon.]

Contributors: Wormy, Beefy, Padfoot, archaeopteryx, Ethetran, Kansas Sam, Karin, smrtypnts, wha, asdf, Anon..
Poem finished: 5th September 2003.