The Spoonbill Generator

Crewcuts And Clangers

Gus Grissom ... wasn't he the one [loaf]

With the crewcut? Or was that Litka, the Soviet space dog? [Anon.]

Picture them, striding the foothills of Neptune [Roland]

Hazy in the methane dust [Beefy]

Painting a picture of alien trees [DJ Spoony]

Somehow, I don't envy either: [Roland]

"One giant tree for mankind" doesn't cut it [Beefy]

neither does "One giant heap". [Jezzter]

Still, the dog knows more than she lets on [Ethetran]

Cocking a leg at passing comets. [dok]

Yet this lonely heaven suits them [Ethetran]

Counting star by star passes a lot of time [Beefy]

As does passing moondust through a teastrainer [Wormtail]

Catching the solar winds in their handkerchiefs [dok]

And dreaming beyond infinite horizons [Ethetran]

Contributors: loaf, F, Roland, Beefy, DJ Spoony, Jezzter, Ethetran, dok, Wormtail.
Poem finished: 4th September 2003.