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Happy Ode to Love Unbounded


Come with me, My Love, and see good Nature's fairest flow'r [Kansas Sam]

'Tis a joy to behold, wondrous to mine eyes [Karin]

Retreat a while, repose, in woodland's verdant bower [dok]

Let us upon the wings of rhapsody arise [F]

And amble twixt the purling rills of Springtide [N]

'Mongst nymphs and satyrs; laurel leaves betime [F]

Whilst sprightly dryads dance at our side [Karin]

To thine acanthine hair, My Love, I pen this limpid rhyme [F]

My heart hath welled with desire, and spills forth for thee [Anon.]

Overflowing Lethe and Styx. Oh! lambent dove! [F]

Encaged within this fortress, only thou can set me free [N]

With but a soupcon of thy sweet love [Karin]

Oh, did I compare thee to Aphrodite? [F]

For such a likening does you no fairness [N]

Verily, your charms are of such rareness [F]

That none can view unmoved save Jove Almighty [Beefy ]

Contributors: Beefy, Kansas Sam, Karin, dok, F, N.
Poem finished: 3rd September 2003.