The Spoonbill Generator

Sweet Global Soup

Across the time-zones, rhymesters meet [Beefy ]

Along with versifiers [F]

To make the gathering complete [Beefy ]

The poets bring their lyres [Kansas Sam]

To offer at Erato's feet [Beefy ]

And toss from iv'ry spires [Kansas Sam]

Haikus and limericks so sweet [Karin]

Frame the wordsmiths' mires [Kansas Sam]

In Cyberspace, do we collude [Anon.]

To sculpt a jeweled image [F]

Many sided, many hued [N]

A luster all envisage [F]

A masterpiece once viewed [Anon.]

Can show another visage [F]

And lastly, to conclude [N]

It often reads like pissage [Anon.]

Contributors: Beefy, F, Kansas Sam, Karin, N.
Poem finished: 3rd September 2003.