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Verse Justice

Ack! My poetic license has been revoked! [archaeopteryx]

The meter police are breaking down the door to my apartment [Beefy ]

The iambs have me surrounded
Pentameters drawn [Anon.]

With deft haiku kung-fu the door burts into fragments [archaeopteryx]

"Drop your metaphors!", yells a voice of red, red rose [Kansas Sam]

I smile and sling similes at the beatnik cops like daisies in the wind [archaeopteryx]

"Clap the couplets on him!" cries the chief [Beefy ]

My thundering heart sinks utterly; heinously charged with contrived versifying! [Karin]

"Have exculpation on this nescient, sesquipedalian soul!" I expostulate [dok]

The odes, in their grecian urnish way, remain aloof [F]

Now I weep for that unravish'd bride of quietness [N]

For truth is beauty, beauty truth--and I have slaughtered both [F]

Torn asunder by my wild trangressions [N]

Writing soulless verse/Making haiku a bad joke/Throw away the key. [Karin]

Contributors: archaeopteryx, Beefy, F, Kansas Sam, Karin, dok, N.
Poem finished: 3rd September 2003.