The Spoonbill Generator

Ugly Secrets

Nosy spoonbillers [N]

Demanding identity [Anon.]

And getting it too! [Nym]

Even non-tech heads [Karin]

Can sometimes figure things out [F]

Did someone say K? [Karin]

But secrets remain [N]

Enigmatic mystery [F]

How ugly is Nym? [Karin ;o)]

A four-eyed monster? [F]

300 pounds of midget? [N]

Or is he Yahweh? [F]

Well, Nym's sure no God [Karin]

Though a bit of Adonis [F]

Has just gone astray [Beefy ]

You can walk [Lee]

In truncated style [Beefy ]

Or not, whatever. [Karin]

Contributors: N, F, Nym, Karin, Karin ;o), Beefy, Lee.
Poem finished: 2nd September 2003.