The Spoonbill Generator

Pie Trappings

Nymphs and satyrs, centaurs and dryads
Canoes and barges, liners and kayaks [Anon.]

Drivers and putters, woods and irons [N]

Alarms and buzzers, beepers and sirens [F]

Novels and essays, tales and stories [N]

Semis and vans, trailers and lorries
Bluchers and brogans, sandals and clogs [Anon.]

Newts and toads, salamanders and frogs [Beefy]

All these trappings have but one thing in common [Terry]

Each is grotesquely distasteful to woman [loaf]

No slug, no snail, no puppy dog's tail [dok]

No rat, no mouse, no untidy house [N]


Data and senses, science and art, [dok]

Croquet mallets, bulls-eye and dart [F]

Agendas and schedules, memos and lists [Beefy]

Leering and swearing, drinking and fists [dok]

What is your favourite type of pie? [Lee]

Nym wouldn't tell you, and neither shall I! [Beefy]

Contributors: list of three word combos, N, F, Beefy, Terry, loaf, dok, Anon., Lee.
Poem finished: 2nd September 2003.