The Spoonbill Generator

Nirvana in Daylight

I think I'll tiptoe over there [F]

And strip myself totally bare [N]

I feel this great urge [F]

For my breasts to emerge [N]

Do you think anybody would care? [F]

If you've got, then flaunt it, I say [N]

Especially if someone will pay [F]

Make 'em all drool [N]

As you slowly unspool [F]

In a subtle yet sensual way [N]

But what about you? Will you strip? [F]

I'm longing to see your bare hip [N]

I can't nude it alone [F]

I'm shy on my own [Anon.]

So what say-- come on, let it rip [F]

Once naked as Nature intends [Beefy]

Certain excitement portends [Dassn't Say]

So break out the whips [Beefy]

And lacquer your lips [Dassn't Say]

Be all means invite all your friends [Beefy]

Contributors: F, N, Anon., Beefy, Dassn't Say.
Poem finished: 1st September 2003.