The Spoonbill Generator

Are You Better?

More haiku you say? [Karin]

Oh no, not this stuff again [quasi]

You know you love it. [Karin]

Mollie is better [F]

Yes, her "bizness" has improved [Karin]

Thank goodness for that [F]

How are Moe and friend? [Karin(sorry forgot other)]

Moe had some problems today [Anon.]

Is he all right F? [Karin]

Lollipops and stuff [F]

Make screaming kids shut their yaps [Karin]

That and threatening them [F]

Spoonbillers are rare [Karin]

And peculiar creatures [N]

You gotta love them. [Karin]

Contributors: Karin, quasi, F, Karin(sorry forgot other), N.
Poem finished: 31st August 2003.