The Spoonbill Generator

Permanent Perdition

Have you ever felt vibrating oscillatons?
Perhaps reverberating resonations? [F]

Or listened for the eerie ululations [N]

Of ballerinas stuck in permanent gyrations? [F]

Have you ever tried freeform erudition? [Beefy]

Attempted to consign your boss to perdition? [Karin]

Invsibly braced your crooked dentition? [Dassn't Say]

No wonder you could not obtain admission! [Beefy]

But hold, ye Lapps! [(trad)]

The binding snaps [P]

And out it spills ... [Roland]

Vomitous spills [Dassn't Say]


Contributors: F, N, Beefy, Karin, Dassn't Say, (trad), P, Roland, Anon..
Poem finished: 30th August 2003.