The Spoonbill Generator

When a Door is Drunk

A healthy meal of beans is the way to start [N]

Followed by a brisk walk down the boulevard of broken dreams [F]

Nothing beats the great smell of despair [Beefy]

When you're loaded [loaf]

A healthy dose of realism is a good beginning [Beefy]

Though it fades the further you travel down memory lane [Ethetran]

Nothing comes close to the half-full view [Beefy]

When you've had a few [Dassn't Say]

A healthy case of jitters is not good to continue [smrtypnts]

Nor the "I must sleep but the room keeps whirling" dilemma [Beefy]

But the "whither thou art" beat of silent perception [Q]

Taunts you when you're in your cups [Dassn't Say]

A healthy swig of liquor is a great means to an end [smrtypnts]

If your "end" is to snore in the gutter [Dassn't Say]

But then you can always join AA [F]

Until then, tie one on and tie one on again. [Dassn't Say]


Contributors: N, F, Beefy, loaf, Ethetran, Dassn't Say, smrtypnts, Q, Anon..
Poem finished: 29th August 2003.