The Spoonbill Generator

Inter-Planetary Tomfoolery

I once took a spaceship to Mars [Limerick]

And met a little guy who chirped 'Yarrs!' [Q]

He looked pretty spooky [F]

And not a little zooky [Q]

So I offered him five candy bars [F]

When Poppy was visiting Pluto [N]

She found herself using judo
The aliens retreated [F]

Their plan was defeated [N]

Their bravado apparently pseudo [F]

While on a vacation to Saturn [N]

I tried to follow a pattern [F]

So everyday things
Like naming the rings [N]

Made me feel less of a slattern [F]

I landed on Mercury next [N]

And found myself quite vexed [F]

The place was a dump [Karin]

And I felt like a chump [Randy]

And the residents thought me unsexed [F]

Oh! My escapades on Venus [Anon.]

Made me grow an extra penis [F]

It stuck out the back [quasi]

But always hung slack [F]

And thoroughly resisted cleanness [quasi]

My rocket landed on Neptune [F]

There I composed a new rap tune [baoloa]

It never got finished [Grayman]

My aura diminished [Beefy]

'Til I posted it in a chat room [Grayman]

I enjoyed Uranus a lot [Ethetran]

It was roomier than I thought [sp]

Though some found it chilly [Beefy]

Or hemorrhoid-hilly [Dassn't Say]

Ne'er better a bargain I've got [smrtypnts]

On Jupiter I found a Snark [Beefy]

Poisoning pigeons in a park [Karin ]

But I was prepared [Beefy]

My switchblade I bared [Karin]

He got it in his Boojum mark! [Kansas Sam]

Back on ol' Earth is where I am [smrtypnts]

Its Humans are quite a sham [Anon.]

I've almost lost hope [Karin]

I simply can't cope [Dassn't Say]

I think I'll go drown in my spam [N]

Contributors: Limerick, Q, F, N, Karin, Randy, baoloa, quasi, Grayman, Beefy, Ethetran, sp, Dassn't Say, smrtypnts, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 29th August 2003.