The Spoonbill Generator

If Oblivion Had Foes

If everything that you had ever known [N]

Was wrong or not quite right [F]

If every thought that you had ever had [N]

Was foolish or psychotic [F]

If every path that you had ever trodden [N]

Headed toward damnation [F]

If every person you had ever loved [N]

Turned out to be a foe [F]

Then welcome to my world [N]


If every word that you had ever written [N]

Was censored or unread [F]

If every book that you had ever read [N]

Was plagiarized, re-written [F]

If every thought you ever had [Karin]

Had already been thought [N]

If every emotion you had ever felt [Karin]

Was overreaction [F]

Then you know how I feel [N]

Contributors: N, F, Anon., Karin.
Poem finished: 28th August 2003.