The Spoonbill Generator

The Innocent Murder of Fire

I see the walking dead, the fire in their eyes [N]

I feel their burning stares, they know I am to blame [Anon.]

And yet I am invincible, protected by the beast [N]

The power is inside of me, this evil has no name [Anon.]

Death is my friend, is my lover, is my god [N]

Murder's my passion. I'll slaughter the lot! [Dassn't Say]

And no-one will suspect me, the innocent young girl [Beefy]

Holding an axe and with blood on her curls [fester]

I hear the wailing souls, the ice in their cries [Beefy]

The ice water in my veins runs colder still [Karin]

And yet I am unmoveable, protected from the storm [Beefy]

I gleefully proceed with my plans to kill. [Karin]

Death is my god, is my lover, is my friend [N]

And lives within me, lifetimes without end [F]

Though no-one will convict me, the blood is on my hands [N]

Sacrifice is what the incubi demand [F]

I smell the violent fear, the terror in her soul [N]

The hunger is unslaked, for soul desires flesh [F]

And yet I am implacable, directed by my thirst [N]

I whisper in your ear: "in death will we enmesh." [F]

Death is my friend, is my god, is my lover [N]

You are my passion and Death is the other. [F]

And no-one will divide us, forever are we wed [N]

As into hellish heaven we both are led [F]

Contributors: N, Anon., Dassn't Say, Beefy, fester, Karin, F.
Poem finished: 27th August 2003.