The Spoonbill Generator

Pole Bank Frippery

The long haul to Christmas has started today [Beefy]

Santa's already preparing his sleigh [N]

The evenings draw in (at least in the North) [Beefy]

Bah Humbug's my motto from this day forth [Dassn't Say]

This year I will def'nitely head for the sun [Beefy]

(But first I'll show Santa how I use a gun) [fester]

Our haul to oblivion started way back [loaf]

When I was the elf who packed Santa's sack [fester]

And made out with Mrs. Claus under the sleigh [Dassn't Say]

Now, that was a Ho Ho Ho kind of a day [Beefy]

So pass the wassail and let's give a cheer [F]

We're all looking forward to that time of year [N]

Contributors: Beefy, N, Dassn't Say, fester, loaf, F.
Poem finished: 27th August 2003.