The Spoonbill Generator

The Page is a Cube

Like a russian doll, or perhaps an onion [N]

We all have many layers [Karin]

Underneath the surface is a nasty business [N]

No wonder no one pares [F]

Like a rubic's cube, or perhaps a jigsaw [N]

We collide and intersect [baoloa]

Once you solved the puzzle, nothing else remains [N]

The mystery's been wrecked [F]

Like a empty page, or perhaps a white cloth [N]

I paint with you, and you on me [baoloa]

Smudges that are washable, so I've heard it said [F]

Are the very ones we cannot see [baoloa]

Contributors: N, Karin, F, baoloa, .
Poem finished: 26th August 2003.