The Spoonbill Generator

Door To Indisposable Sleep

The haiku returns [Karin]

Words caress me like fingers [F]

They scintillate me [N]

Who stands at my door? [F]

Knocking with such persistence [N]

Opportunity [F]

I am asleep now [N]

I can spoonbill in my sleep [Karin]

And googlewhack too [N]

Indisposable [F]

Disintermediation [N]

Rectification [F]

Edifyingness [N]

Hypersexuality [F]

Illegibleness [Karin]

What fruits do you peel? [F]

Most likely the same as you [Karin]

Bananamelons? [F]

If I had a dime [Karin]

And a slot to put it in [N]

You know what I mean? [Karin]

Forgive my slumping [F]

It's not easy being me [N]

Some people have tried [F]

Why are you still here? [Karin]

Just so I can pester you [F]

You're quite good at it. [Karin]

Tied to the one job [Baoloa]

Waiting for retirement [F]

Bills and taxes cry [Anon.]

Contributors: Karin, F, N, Baoloa, baoloa, .
Poem finished: 26th August 2003.