The Spoonbill Generator

The Embroidered Gorgonzola

Teapots singing in the rain [N]

Their upturned spouts snorting pellucid drops [Karen]

And handbags dancing polkas [F]

Offer them embroided squares for linen sops [Karen]

Telephones dancing in the dark [N]

Their Bakelite hearts pounding with secret joy [Karen]

The telemarketers are yodeling [F]

Telepots and teaphones, together; bold,not coy [Karen]

Handheld giantesses swooning [F]

Their behemoth breasts bobbing as the music swells [Karen]

Crashing cymbals, a distraught organ-grinder [F]

Shouts as his monkey leaps from a huge brow and rappels! [Karen]

Gorgonzola mothers, corsets [F]

And limburger fathers in codpieces [Karen]

Dantesque debacle, a nightmarish sight [F]

The monkey leaps down, a screaming odd Rhesus. [Karen]

Contributors: N, Karen, F.
Poem finished: 26th August 2003.