The Spoonbill Generator

Negligent Daleks Give Us A Passable Flamenco

I'd offer you a crumpet, [N]

But all I have is babka [F]

It's rather nice with brandy [N]

Let me shake a maraca [F]

I'd offer you a truffle [N]

But all I have is tripe [F]

It's passable with vodka [N]

I hope you will not gripe [F]

I'd offer you some sorbet [N]

But all I have is ice-cream [baoloa]

You can wash it down with whisky [N]

I hope to hear you scream [loaf]

I'd offer you an artichoke [Dassn't Say]

But all I have are leeks. [td]

Let's drink a case of cherry schnapps [Anon.]

It will last us for weeks [archaeopteryx]

I'd offer you a hobnob [snood]

But all I have is gravy [chicho]

Let's swig a keg of pirates' grog [loaf]

And make our chest hairs wavy [Randy]

Contributors: N, F, baoloa, loaf, Dassn't Say, td, Anon., archaeopteryx, snood, chicho, Randy.
Poem finished: 26th August 2003.