The Spoonbill Generator

The Great Fuss

I was fishing one day on the pier
While drinking my favourite beer [N]

When I fell in the lake [F]

And caught several hake [snortules]

Not due to my effort, I fear [F]

I was riding one day on the bus [N]

The driver was making a fuss [F]

He tore off his shirt [Baoloa]

And started to flirt [F]

Which lead all the ladies to cuss [N]

A randy old fisherman, Mike [Randy]

Had reeled in a sizable pike [N]

It looked like a mermaid [F]

So, hoping to get laid [N]

He opened it's mouth and did....(yike!) [Randy]

A foolish old geezer named Tim [F]

Tried to soup up his vigor and vim [Randy]

He went on Viagra [F]

But like the falls on Niagra [Randy]

He plunged into all sorts of sin [F]

A loner who lived in a hut
Was enormously proud of his butt [N]

His cheeks were symmetric [Randy]

And firm as a redbrick [Anon.]

Less taut, alas, was his beer gut [F]

The lady I love in my heart [N]

Has a mind but is kind of a tart [Randy]

A great combination [F]

Is her recitation [Randy]

Unending? You bet. Call it art. [F]

I was reading the works of Dickens [N]

Whilst plucking various chickens [F]

A tail of two feathers [N]

And Dave Copperleathers [F]

Two titties, and then the plot thickens [Randy]

I'm both hornswoggled and hogtied [F]

For that pig called my husband had lied [Randy]

He'd promised me pearls [N]

But ran off with some girls [F]

And came back in a month all pie-eyed [Randy]

Contributors: N, F, snortules, Baoloa, Randy.
Poem finished: 25th August 2003.